Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Year's Resolution???

OK - well some of you know that one of my New Year's Resolutions was to start up a blog so that I could showcase some of the things that we (Marion & I) have been making, and to chat about some other things too.
Here it is, now August and I have finally sat down to do the blog. It's a bit scary but I guess I will work it all out eventually!!
It has been raining most of the day here today and it is much nicer indoors than out in the wind. Marion has been around here this afternoon to deliver her offerings for this month's The Chocolate Crow Trader, so I have dashed outside in between showers of rain to try and get some photos done. Now I am just editing the photos and trying to write descriptions and all I can think about is what I can say on this blog!
So how have I gone for my first test run??? Has anyone discovered me
PS Happy 50th Birthday to my brother SS - he is the third one to get there and their little sister is just a few years behind!


Kirsty said...

Oh wow!!! Looking good with your fancy banner!!!
You have inspired me!! first job tomorrow update my poor blog!
I have ordered that new phone today and's all go.

Smiley said...

You've done very well Christina. I know a lot of people wouldn't believe this but I don't think I'd know what to say in a blog! Looking forward to reading more and more!!!

Smiley said...

Hahaha....I've just realised that my name has come up as "Smiley" which is what they call me at gym....its Erica....I'll change it next time.