Thursday, September 25, 2008

A gift for a friend

Miss Muggins was very observant last weekend when she commented that I hadn't posted much and that I must be 'having a life'! Well she was right, I was having a life - I had the best weekend for awhile.
With a friend's birthday coming up this week I needed to make a gift and so I was able to create something. Inspired by the work of Rebecca Sower, I came up with the following piece.
It is called "Devotion"- I found the photo at a market when I was in Launceston a few months ago, and that is where I also bought the old measuring tape. Leanne's birthday is somewhere between the 41 and the 47 so that is the significance of the tape. I attached a clasp off a string of pearls and the piece of sea glass at the top actually has the letters "PS" on it.

This is the gift tag that I made to go with the present. A bit prettier than some of the things that I make but I enjoyed using the vintage wallpaper and the old poem.

It felt so good to do something like this again - Happy Birthday Leanne!


The Team at The Primitive Pear said...

Oh Christina...I love 'Devotion' as you know I have that passion for Altered Art..and 'Devotion' is just stunning...hugs Nette

Amanda said...

Hi Christina, Devotion is lovely. Leanne is very lucky.

I finally made a start on some mixed media stuff last night I am making a journal of my trip to Loxton this year with all the notes from the teachers and pictures that I took. It is only a small start but at least it is a start.

Miss Muggins said...

Christina - I forgive you for not posting as often as I would like - your mixed media projects are stunning. Your friend is a very lucky girl!