Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Little Sweetness

Marion and I decided that we should make a little 'free gift' for any orders that we receive for this month on The Chocolate Crow Trader. The operative word here is 'little'!
I have made a small/wee/tiny/cute - whichever word you choose - gift basket. It only measures 8cm (approx 3") to the top of the crepe paper frill. And then................

Marion has baked and decorated some little/teeny/petite - you get the idea don't you? - biscuits/cookies in a Halloween theme. A spider, cobweb, "Boo" and some little stars and moons. (plate isn't included)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sooooooo Christina if I order something Halloweenish I too can receive one of yout teeny weeny itsy bitsy gift baskets?? Okay lets see what to order :c} Ouy on second thought. There is absolutly no way that it would ever ever make it past the custom agent :c{ Cookies Senora? No No there were not any cookies.

Thanks so much for stopping by my new digs kiddo!! And yes your blog was and is one that I truly admire, and always enjoy reading. :c. Stop by and have a read, which is my today and your yesterday... well I think that's right or is it your today is my tomorrow????:c}

Pattie ;c}
Mazatlan Mexico