Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Good Day

The "Work in Progress" is now all completed.
Surprise, surprise - I had to use an old spoon in it!
And some of my favourite words -
she nurtures, she provides, she shelters, she works with eager hands.
**("Your Eyes Have Told Me So" has been sold - thank you)**
I received this back in the mail on Friday, from Homespun magazine. Instructions for making it will be in next month's magazine. Pity they forgot to send my rugpunch needle and a book back to me - maybe someone in publishing has borrowed them to do a bit of rugpunching!!
We had the start of this season's seaside markets today and I couldn't believe it when I found some 'dinky-di' bobbins there. I've never seen any real ones in Australia and have always had to buy them from America but these ones are from the Onkaparinga wool factory here in South Australia. You could feel the lanolin on them still - a good find!
And this is what we bought for husband - might be the closest thing we have to a witches cauldron in this house for Halloween!


Erica said...

Love the heart Christina...I have one of them that I got off someone...wonder who it was! What a find with the bobbins. Doesn't that just make your day, week, year, when you find a bargain like that????? Love the photo of your son reading too...not a sight you see a lot these days with playstation etc. taking over!!!
Hugs Erica

Amanda said...

Hi Christina, Almond Grove Craft had a heap of bobbins when I was there in July, big ones little ones all sizes, I only bought 3 home with me, but as I had run out of money by the time I found them couldn't bring more home. I think they were from somewhere local too.

The Feathered Nest said...

I love this piece of art too!!! Just wonderful ~ I so love your taste...xxoo, Dawn