Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Ummm - there isn't much to be said about this photo of Spike! I was painting the shoes on a doll today and obviously wasn't concentrating. Instead of putting my brush in the container of water, I dipped it into my diet coke. Not the smartest move I know, but at least I was nearly finished drinking it anyway.

Here is a photo of the light about our dining table, I'm sure not many homes clay bats hanging from it. The cherubs and I spotted this Christmas decoration whilst in Adelaide last week and no. 2 cherub has a bit of a fascination with mirror balls so we bought it. So until the Christmas tree is up, we thought the bats might as well enjoy it.
Teaching the second week of my button jewellery class tomorrow so I'd better go and get prepared for that.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

you know I seem to recall a program on the discovery channel and it was about bats that hang out around disco chandliers...lol...you are too funny...tell Marion hi..(haven't heard from her)...oh love the dog playing with the boob pillow...he must be a bog dog...lol...

madrekarin said...

That pillow is too much!! :) The bats are very cool and I have dipped my paint brushes in my diet Coke more times that I care to admit. (And on the rare occasion not realized it and drank it wondering why it tasted funny, only to see the swirls of paint too late.)