Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another Auction Item

Well finally, some of you might say - isn't that right Erica?? Erica has been most anxious to see our second auction item for The Chocolate Crow Trader. This is a 90cm cream tree which we have decorated with vintage styled ornaments. It has some popcorn garlands woven around the branches, 5 snowflake ornaments gilded with silver german glass glitter (love that stuff!), crepe paper ruffles, vintage photo and little sayings on each one. There are 2 little birds that have had vintage paper torn and glued to them and then glittered - they are attached to the tree by little clips. Two faux candles have some choir boys/girls adhered to them and again, are attached by little clips.
Some bell shaped ornaments and also some glass baubles complete the tree. The popcorn garlands were wonderfully relaxing to make, I think we need to have them more often on our trees here in Australia....
(It was very windy when I was trying to take the photos and I had a little dog who was desperately wanting to get to the popcorn garlands - so the photos aren't quite as good as they should be.)

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