Saturday, November 15, 2008

Auction item

On The Chocolate Crow Trader, we regularly have an auction. The next one, which obviously will have a Christmas theme in on Friday 28th November. We are planning to have 2 items and today we have completed the first one. This was a joint project. Marion made the Santa and used an old cutter quilt that we had bought from USA. He has wire in his fingers and arms, so that he can actually hold things! The tree has been my project. It is a 'half tree' - meaning that it is flat on the back and you are really meant to hang it on a wall. I have done some teeny weeny cross stitch ornaments (again the work of Primitive Stitchin - she has some lovely designs), some felt 'rolled candies/lollies', glass marble ornaments, bead garlands and there is also some fairy lights in the tree.
Ho Ho Ho!


Miss Muggins said...

wow wee! That looks amazing. You certainly took the idea of making a standout item and ran with it. Well done Girls!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

kudos for the joint effort..he is fab...have a good one...:)

Anonymous said...

Very nice Christina....must try to remember to get to that auction.
luv Ann.xx