Saturday, November 8, 2008

Proceed with Caution - this is a Mega Post!

As promised here is a preview of our items for this month's "The Chocolate Crow Trader". As our 'dedicated readers' you are seeing them 1 week before the new edition is released. There are quite a few photos to look at, so you might want to take a break now and paint your toenails as you will have time for them to dry whilst looking - or make yourself a cuppa!!
We are offering a free surprise gift for every order, and if you order and mention the blog, we will do something special for you.
Peace Ornie - Measures 5cm (1.9”) not including the hanger or star
This cross stitched ornie has been made from a design by Primitive Stitchin but stitched on 30ct cloth to produce a very ‘petite’ ornie. We have used Valdani variegated threads and backed the ornie with a co-ordinating brown spotted fabric. A silver star has been attached to the bottom of the ornie - and a torn rag hanger has been used. Price $15 includes postage within Australia

Snowflakes - Measure approx 10cm (4”) in diameter (not including the hanger)
We have given some old plastic snowflake ornies a ‘makeover’! Both snowflakes have been heavily covered in vintage glass glitter. The white snowflake has ruffled crepe paper, a silver star and a paper banner across the centre stating “A Christmas Wish”.The silver one has some aged papers from a dictionary and sheet music with a glittered letter on top – in this case the letter “L”.
Both snowflakes have seam binding as their hangers.
When ordering please state what letter you would like or an alternative wording
for the banner on the snowflakes. .........................Price $8 AU each plus postage

Christmas Baubles
(there are 5 different baubles that I have photographed - scroll down to see the others)
These glass baubles contain a mixture of vintage mother of pearl buttons, white buttons, german glass glitter, sequins, and bits of tinsel to resemble the old fashioned snowglobes. We have inserted copies of vintage photos which have been laminated for extra ‘strength’ and each has a Christmas message.
If you would like a bauble to be personalised, we are happy to use a photo & message of your choice, please email us. This would make a lovely gift for someone. ..............Price $8 plus postage
(these baubles are hard to photograph well, seeing they are glass, they reflect everything! On The Chocolate Crow Trader we are only able to have one photo, so here you are seeing each one 'up close and personal'. They look lovely on the tree)

Tree Light Reflector Ornies
Measure approx 7 ½ cm (3”) in diameter (not including hanger)
Hopefully these ornies will make your heart smile and become heirlooms for your own family.
They have been created by using vintage photos and elements, buttons, vintage silver tinsel, large glass pebbles and attached to vintage light reflectors from USA, to achieve the aged, whimsical effect that we love.
These can be personalised by adding a photo of your choice.
Price $10 AU each plus postage

Vintage Snowman Box
Height approx 19cm (7 ½”)
Although hard to see in the photo this adorable snowman is completely covered with german glass glitter. He has been made from paper mache, painted and glittered.
The box can be opened so that you can slip in a small surprise, if you like.
Price $30 AUplus postage

Vintage Santa makedo
Something a bit different for us! Using clay we have fashioned an olde fashioned Santa and attached him to a small vintage oil can. He has been painted with glittery silver buttons and pompom on his hat.
He holds a “HoHo” banner, attached to some rusty wire.
If you would like a gloss finish, we are happy to do that for you.
A Rustic Tarts original

Price $30 AU plus postage

Molly’s Bear’s Sleigh Ride
Sleigh is about 26cm (10”) long & the bear and sleigh is 29cm (11.4”)high

This would make a gorgeous addition to your Christmas display. Our sleigh is made from calico which has been needlesculpted, stiffened, painted and antiqued to resemble a real sleigh. The bear has been fashioned so that he can be removed from the sleigh, as can his spotted Christmas hat, and be on display all year round (not just for Christmas). He has rusty bell reigns and a little seat in the sleigh so that he can see over the ‘dashboard’!!
In the rear of the sleigh is a stocking which contains candy canes and some pipberries. There is plenty of room for you to add some other items that you might have, to add to the display ie a candle, some faux presents, biscuits, chocolates etc.
A Rustic Tarts original idea - but uses a Kentucky Primitives pattern for the bear.

Price $80 AU plus postage

Angel of Peace
Height: Approx 50cm (19 ½ “)
Our beautiful angel and dove are ready to herald in Christmas 2008.
The Angel of Peace has been painted white and features glass glitter down the front of her dress and also around her neckline. She has stitched facial features with a white pipberry garland around her head and also has quilted wings made from a music printed fabric.
Symbolic of peace, she holds a white dove with greenery in it’s beak.

A Rustic Tarts original.
Price $65 AU plus postage

Christmas Nest ornament - Measures approx 10cm (4”) in length

A German legend tells of the magic of all the world’s birds bursting
into song as if with one voice, the night the Christ child was born.
Your family may find a bird’s nest hidden within their Christmas tree.
The nest promises the gift of health, wealth and happiness to all throughout the year!”

We have knitted and felted a small bird’s nest and incorporated a small portion of a real bird’s nest inside, plus a quail’s egg and feather glued inside.
A copy of the printed verse (above) is attached to explain the German legend.
An adaptation of a pattern by Marie Mayhew. ..................Price $15 AU plus postage

(Edit: Apparently some photos won't enlarge when you click on them - I don't know why! - if any of you more experienced bloggers know the easy, fixable solution to this can you let me know, please? )


Erica said...

Love it all!!! Hugs Erica

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I love it all but especially the clay works..I have yet to master it..I am afraid it would look like a big lump of oatmeal...:)how loud do you want me to get to advertise your blog or site? I will be happy to mention it on my blog...Have you checked out our selling site
we are having a huge open house and drawing there...have a great weekend and Tell Marion to write to me once in a while..I haven't heard from her in about a month...Love to you all down under!
Gina :)

The Joy of Nesting said...

I would like one of those and one of these. oh and some of those over there :c}

All your holiday offerings are so adorable and I do want at least one of everything. I'm really beginning to hate the lack of a real postal service here!!!:c{

Pattie :c}
Mazatlan Mexico

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Christina! All of these ornies and sculptures are just precious!! I love them all...the snowflakes and the nest are my favorites ~ hoping you are doing wonderful! xxoo, Dawn