Monday, December 22, 2008

A Christmas Dinner with Friends

When you walk into a house and greeted with this sight, you know that you are up for something special! We were invited to Kirsty's place for a Christmas Party. All of these large decorations are paper mache (like pinatas) with chocolates inside. Kirsty's children helped her to make and decorate them. See the bird as well?

The baubles are all hanging from the ceiling by nylon line (fishing line) so you can hardly see it at all! The circle of pipberry and lights directly above the table just added to the magical effect. But there was more! At each of our settings, we all had personalised little plates that Kirsty had made - look at my skinny legs - that is definitely a first!And then we had these HUGE bonbons - the kids had printed off jokes for each one, we had paper hats made from wrapping paper. Kirsty had just cut long strips and then cut points out of them - then when wrapped around our heads she came around with the packing tape dispenser and taped them to our heads.....LOL. Marion and I both got 2 red tealight candles with glass holders and some chocolates. You don't get anything like that in the bonbons you buy from the shops!
Our dinner was very yummy too, just to top off the evening.
We took our fairy floss machine, so the kids enjoyed two rounds of fairy floss - before and after dinner.
If you have a look on Kirsty's blog, you will see photos of the Christmas card that she made too, they are soooo good.

This is N - the morning after the night before, still in his pj's and watching TV. In his bonbon was Sack Boy (character from a current computer game), which Kirsty had crocheted.

Thanks for the lovely night.


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh wow that all looks super special personal and intimate!
The lights and pip berries thingy from the roof is really gorgeous!
I love all the trouble and craftiness she went to .
Looks like a happy time.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, what an effort Kirsty put in...what a very special evening for you all.
luv Ann.xx