Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Once Upon A Time..........

Once upon a time ( well yesterday really) a man and a woman decided to journey to the city for shopping of the Christmas and Birthday kind. They left before the children awoke but the children's grandfather was there awaiting for them to do so, and prepare them for their schooling.
The husband and wife travelled for 2 and half hours and were just leaving their first shopping spot when the telephone rang. "This is the teacher of your youngest cherub" the voice on the end said. "We think that he might have conjunctivitis and he needs to be collected from school". Thank goodness for grandparents, for they were quick to abide and so off grandfather did trot to collect the youngest cherub and then later take him to the doctor for the required medication.

Meanwhile back in that city, the credit card was flashing and shopping was done. Husband needed to deliver some goods so he left his beloved wife at a shopping centre whilst she shopped for some required groceries. She finished and waited and waited for her man in shining armour to come and collect her and take her to other shopping attractions.

Finally she pulled out her telephone and rang the husband - "where are you?" she asked ever so pleasantly.
"My darling" he said, "I am looking for you but you aren't where I am looking"! "
"Where are you?" she asked again.
"I'm at the xxxxx shopping centre" he said.

She was quick to remind him that she was at the yyyyyy shopping centre just where he had left her. Later all was revealed that in fact he had also been to the wwwwww shopping centre and then zzzzzzzz shopping centre looking for her and was too embarrassed to phone and say that he was lost and couldn't remember which shopping centre he had left her.

Ah yes an interesting day!


Kirsty said...

Good one!!!!

How's the eyes today??
Kinda missed being there yesterday morning..(but I got over it!!!)

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Haha haahaa...
Oh that is funny!
Amazing how cherubs such as we have always end up crook only when we are busy and indisposed.
HJope eyes better and your and Hubbys nerves....
Hey have you done your Chrissy decorating ??

Rustic Tarts said...

His eyes are sticky and I keep telling myself that mine are just tired!
We haven't done much decorating yet but need to by the weekend - husband however has put up lights in our pergola. Kind of looks like Las Vegas!!

Tanya said...

Gee it sounds like a day in my house...lol...Your darling hubby may have been buying your christmas gift at the other shops ...lol..It just took him alittle longer because your gift was soooo big...lol...Good lucky with the christmas lights ..I'm not putting out side lights up here this year just not in the christmas mood...
Hugs Tanxxoo

The Joy of Nesting said...


Aren't men such a funny species?? :c)It's a good thing they are so darn loveable about 99% of the time :c) Thankfully outside decorating is not much of a custom here. A wreath or a string of lights is about it. Well that's the case in the Mexican neighborhoods. Up in the gated expat neighborhoods well lets just say that their power bill for Dec must rival their summer ones ;c)

Pattie :c)
Mazatlan Mexico

Anonymous said...

Ha!! Too funny...gotta love these men of ours..lol.
Hope all is ok with youngest son.
luv Ann.xx

Jazy said...

Oh Dear! Sounds like something my hubby would do too! loL

Marita said...

Noice curlers and rolling pin action there! I did my tag post, broke the rules slightly, hope you don't mind!

Wolfie said...

I love the tale... you tell it well. LOL

Ahhhh and I sympathize on the conjuctivitis .... my little one had that last week too.

I will be following your blog now that I've found it.