Monday, February 9, 2009

The Greatest Treasures

As most of Australia are in shock over the loss of lives, homes, livestock and other property due to the bushfires in Victoria, this quote seems quite appropriate.
I liked it last week when I decided to use this quote and singe the edges of it with a flame to get the slightly burnt look....but I haven't enjoyed seeing the burnt houses and properties that we have been seeing on the TV over the past few days. Suddenly, this collage has taken on a new meaning, considering what has happened over the past days.
These are the items we will have for sale on The Chocolate Crow Trader, due for release on February 15.

The Greatest Treasures collage

(My favourite part of the whole collage are the scrolls of paper)

Set of Babushka dolls Rabbit and Chicks (We have two of these to sell at a reduced price so that we
can have new Easter items for next month)
We have a giveaway this month, if you would like to enter please click here.

For those in Australia who would like to help the people in need in Victoria, there are quite a few blogs with links to ways of assisting. Miss Muggins has a couple listed and also "Bits of a Broken Something" has more information.
It is so nice to have cool weather again after the stretch of very hot weather. I am sitting here in a long sleeved top, trackpants and with socks on!


Millie said...

A heartfelt & most apt quote for this most terrible of days. The collage is stunning!
Millie ^_^

The Joy of Nesting said...

Oh Christina,

You have all been on my mind as the fires continue. I have been through a number of wild fires in Idaho and know the devistation and heart ache they leave behind. If you think of ways that the rest of Bloglandia might be able to lend support let us know. Internet Art Auctions, etc. Just let us know!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mexico