Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Prince and the Pea

After nearly 19 years of marriage I realised that I have been disillusioned for all of that time. The Prince that I thought I was married to has been revealed as a fraud.
This morning I decided to wash our bedding and when I took off the fitted sheet, I discovered that my Prince had been sleeping on top of a needle - without realising it.
Now there are two questions that remain unanswered -
1. How did that needle get there? (and I am guessing I might have something to do with that as I can't remember when HE last used a sewing needle) and
2. How come the waterbed didn't spring a leak?????????? My favourite fairytale as a child - The Princess and the Pea.


Miss Muggins said...

sounds like a conspiracy theory to me!

clare said...

Priceless !
clares craftroom

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Just be glad it did'nt cause a leak or a yelp!
My sister used to embroider her quilts in bed and Yep stuck her needle into their waterbed.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

that is too funny..I have a waterbed story..we used to have a waterbed and we were moving etc..we put it together in this home and we were going to fill it the next day...well that night I had a dream that we were filling it and it was huge. I mean double its size huge...and then i woke up..well we started to fill it..and I decided to call my mom (long distance) and we started hubby comes in and asked if the bed was done..and I am like no it takes forever to fill..well he insists i go and check I told my mom to hold on..I go upstairs and I start screaming..only my voice is gone ( I was really high pitched) and it was more like a squeak..I am yelling out the window for him to turn off the water but he is inside the house...he finally hears me..turns it off...and I am seriously afraid to touch the bed for fear it will pop and destroy our house...well we started unloading the water from the bed and it looked just like in my hubby asked if it popped in my dream..I said no..oh my gosh I was freaked out...he said that we really stress tested the mattress and it passed..:) we no longer have the bed..not because of that...have a good one...