Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I found this photo of my family taken about 42 years ago - obviously dressed ready to go to church, or a wedding.
Don't you love my brother's double breasted jackets with the shorts (nice knees....lol)? My older brother has a single breasted jacket with long pants......all very 'dapper'! My red dress was made by my mother, from a dress belonging to my grandmother, and my ringlets were created with rags.


Millie said...

Lovely to see you all looking so dressed up. A very attractive mob too! I always remember that it was a very special occcasion when a brother finally flicked the shorts & was allowed to move into 'Longies'.
Millie ^_^

Miss Muggins said...

Ahhh, the good old days! I can hear it now... "well when I was a girl..."

Kirsty said...

Great photo!!!

Chrissie said...

What a beautifully dressed family Christina. Love those ringlets. I always remember the words of my mother when I was a child ~ "Well dressed children never go out without gloves" My goodness, times have changed haven't they :))

Anonymous said...

I love your ringlets Christina..waaayyy tooo cute!!
The whole family look very nice..it really is a pity we don't get dressed up more these days..but could you imagine the kids of today dressing like that..ohh to go back in time!!..lol
luv Ann.xx

Andrew said...

Are you making fun of my knees... I think they are really sexy, you're just jealous...lol What other embarressing photos have you got there, they I should worry about?? Andrew xo