Wednesday, May 6, 2009

School camp

I'll be back with you next week. The boys have school camp for the rest of the week. Cherub 1 is sleeping overnight at the zoo, on top of one of the enclosures. Photo from ZooSA
Their class is one of the first to stay there, so they are quite excited about it. Cherub 2 would rather stay with Mum, so I will deliver him each day to his activities (& then go shopping!) and collect him at the end of the day.
On Saturday we are off to 'Phantom of the Opera' - part of the introducing the boys to 'culture' program and also my mother's day present.


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

How exciting for them...And for you...Lots of shopping!
Enjoy the Phantom,I have seen it the two times it came to Melb,And was lucky enough to see it with Rob Guest and Marina Prior.

grrl+dog said...

I hop eyou had a gorgeus mother's day it was a spectacular day weather wise... and the cherubs are now totally cultural??