Sunday, June 14, 2009

Coming Tomorrow on.......

The new edition of The Chocolate Crow Trader is due out tomorrow - 15th June.
Here is a preview of our items for this month.

"Antique Memories "
Size 15 x 15cm (approx 6 x 6”)
Using the reverse side of a stretched canvas, we have created a collage of ‘antique memories’ that will look wonderful amongst your collection.
The inside of the frame has been lined with pages from an old French dictionary, whilst the edges have been covered with vintage cloth measuring tape and some torn fabric. A wool felt strawberry has been attached on the side along with some antique mother of pearl buttons.
The treasures inside the frame include a bisque china porcelain doll head which was unearthed from the rear of a doll factory in Thuringia, Germany which operated between 1890-1920, an antique tintype photo of a young man and an antique writing nib.
Price $40 plus postage "Ladle of Love"
A vintage soup ladle has found a new life as a nest holder!
Inside the real bird’s nest are 3 quail eggs which have been ‘blown’ whilst a mother bird, sewn from calico and painted, sits waiting and protecting.

Price $22 plus postage

Babushka Dolls
These Babushka dolls were popular the last time we offered them but unfortunately we ran out of the fabric. However we have found more of the fabric so we can offer one last set.
Our set of Babushka dolls has been adapted from a Tilda design.
Their faces have been drawn, stitched and then appliqu├ęd on and they feature some decorative hand embroidery.
Heights of the dolls are 9cm, 12cm, 16cm.

Price $30 set plus postage


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Mogs Designs said...

Once again Beautiful Treasures.
Stay Warm
Hugs melissa

The Joy of Nesting said...

Oh Christine these should all go flying out the door!!! Your mixed media collages only get more impressive with each new one you create :)

Pattie ;)

Miss Muggins said...

Christina, I love the bird nest ladle, it is so whimisical.

Anonymous said...

Such amazing talent. Love your work my friend. Love the "ladle of love" would be oh so perfect hanging in my kitchen.

Anonymous said...

The anonymous comment is from me Christina...I hit the wrong button before adding my name.
Mill xx

Anonymous said...

The bird nest ladle gets my vote...

thanks for the good pointer, I didnt know about this...

Millie said...

I'm loving the Babushka's too Christina. Very similar to MOTH's Russian Bride # 2, but much prettier!
Millie ^_^