Friday, July 10, 2009

Brisbane girls

Do you need somewhere to take your husband to, this weekend
or maybe an afternoon out with the girls??
Then you might like to check out this exhibition -:

It is a unique concept of mother, son and daughter exhibiting together.
Included in the exhibition are some pottery pieces and jewellery.

Paintings and pastels by Marie and Allyson Parsons
Art photography by Nigel Parsons
Creative jewellery by Sue Garrard
Pottery by Jan Ferguson

Marie (the mother) was my art teacher at school, and Allyson was a couple of years younger than me, so if you get to the exhibition they would be really surprised if you were to say that you learnt of the exhibition by reading Christina's blog!! The Parsons' live not far away, so some of the paintings are of local areas.
I have a couple of Sue Garrard's necklaces which I love to wear, she won't be there at the exhibition herself, but you will love her creations.


sue said...

How lovely of you to post this on your blog! I feel pretty lucky to be sharing exhibition space with the Parsons mob - they are a talented crew!

Millie said...

Wow - what a heap of talent in one space! Allyson's work is awesome - wish I had a little windfall appear right now, I know where I'd spend the lot Christina!
Millie ^_^