Monday, March 1, 2010

When Home Alone

...and you need to take a photo of yourself it can be a very skillful and dangerous feat to attempt.
Circles can spin before your eyes and you become aware of not being as deft and nimble as you once were.
Amanda was kind enough to lend me a pattern for sewing a skirt and even more kind to supply some extra instructions for me, so that I could understand the instructions!  I haven't done much sewing for myself so I was a little unsure if I would get to the "finish line" of the skirt.
It was super quick to make and I decided a bit later to add the extra embellishment on the front to add a bit more interest.

So all was good, now to take a photo of me wearing the skirt but there was only 2 cats, the dog and me at home.  Suddenly I thought, I could use the help of the mirror to get my digital camera lined up in the right spot.  The flash was a problem but I felt sure I could remove that with a photo editing program and also fix anything else.  The first 4 photos weren't quite right, I wasn't up high enough,  so I stood on the bed as you would but maybe not the best thing to do when you have a waterbed.  I'm guessing it was a bit like being on a surfboard for the first time. 
All became calm and the camera was carefully lined up again....beep...battery on the camera was flat.  Finally after going through that procedure again, this was the photo I was going to present to the blogging world..........
...I don't think!  Note the discarded shoes on the floor, not just the ones I took off before I stood on the bed, but also yesterdays and the other pair that I decided not to wear.  The quilt has obviously exploded out of it's cover after I had been rolling around trying to get to my nimble feet.  Clearly not the fashion statement that I was wanting to present, especially with the trackpants under the skirt and frumpy hoodie.  It looks so much better with a white or black t-shirt and no trackpants. 

So that has been my bit of fun for today now to go and tidy up my bedroom!


Amanda said...

Looks fantastic christina, love the embellishment.

Leanne said...

Aren't you a clever little chook, your skirt is gorgeous.I remember a similar pattern floating around when I first learnt to sew, its was one of the first itmes of clothing I ever made. Now about the housework, whats the saying about you can't be creative and tidy too???lol A picture tells a thousand words :)

sue said...

Wow the circles really finish it off beautifully - much snazzier! Have to admit the on-the-bed-shot looks tricky! Maybe you could train the dog to use the camera?

Millie said...

The things we do for our Blog public! For someone who doesn't sew you did an awesome job, your skirt is gorgeous!
Millie ^_^

The Joy of Nesting said...

Oye Christina,

Good news we can't see the hoody cuz the flash has it covered ((G)) :) Actually I think the skirt is quite adorable especailly with the added embellishments!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Mogs Designs said...

The skirt looks great, well done.
Ok I gotta ask about the pattern cos it's a warp with out being a half circle, ??