Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What a girl!

We have a wedding to go to this Saturday - the first of our nieces and nephews is getting married, so it is quite a family event.

I'd bought a dress but couldn't find a necklace that I was happy with so I sent an email to Sue of Viva la Diva fame, and asked if she had anything made that would match my dress.
I've seen her work in person a few times and own a few pieces as well (as do some of my friends around here) so I know that I love her creations.

I sent a photo of my dress and just a few days later a parcel appeared in our letterbox with 2 lovely necklaces and matching earrings for me to choose from. I feel a bit like the Queen or a movie star, having jewellery made to accessorise my 'frock'.

And guess which one I chose??? Yes, both of them.....they are both gorgeous....and which one will I wear? Well I'm going to take both with me and decide on the day!
Thank you Sue!


sue said...

Glad you like them Christina! What a hoot - you could wear one to the ceremony and one to the reception and see if anyone notices! Super happy that they actually suit your "frock" Have fun!

Miss Muggins said...

Just stunning. Show a pic of the dress please, I am well and truly intrigued!

Andrew said...

Personally I like the second one best... understated elegance!

The Joy of Nesting said...


I think you made the only logical choice!! :) I bet both necklaces will go with just about all your fall/winter outfits! Speaking of frocks do we get to see a picture of the frock the pieces were bought for????

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

grrl + dog said...

that is very

stylish -

just send off for a special piece

yes.. show us the dress.