Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Market Baking

The new season for the Stansbury Seaside Market has begun, with the first market last Saturday. After having a couple of years break, we decided it was time to earn some pocket money again. Marion is still on holidays so I tackled this one myself....boy was it hard work! The next one will be much better now I am in the swing of it again. Here are the biscuits ready to be packed up - Empire biscuits, Rock Buns, Puffed Wheat biscuits, Gingernuts, Custard Creams, Monte Carlo's, Peppermint Creams and Afghans.
This was my pie baking day - Chunky Chicken ( using 4kg chicken and 3 kg vegetables) and Chilli Con Carne. To finish off that day, I made 4 trays of Vanilla Slice - it was good for the arm muscles stirring 4 litres of thick custard!
I ran out of time to take other photos but I also made mixed trays of slices, boxes of mixed macarons, and Roast Almond Tarts.
The boys helped me on the stall and they sold some of their old movies plus polka dot biscuits, caramel slice, rocky road, flavoured fairy floss and bottled water. What a team!


sue said...

Good Lord Christina - that is a MASSIVE effort! No wonder you have no time to make gummi bear chandeliers! Hope it was a successful market.

Kirsty said...

What about all the macarons...they don't even get a mention????

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh Lordy! That sis ome baking,I just want to dive in and eat it all!!!
Such yumminess

Amanda said...

When I use to go to Stansbury as a kid they didn't have the Seaside Market which is probably a good thing because we already ate far to much on those weekends. And you did all that by yourself wow you are a power woman Christina. Wish I could talk the other half into a weekend at Stansbury but he thinks if there isn't a beach with big waves its not a holiday.

Margaret Weiss said...

OMG Christina, you are amazing, do bake all of that food... how long did it take you? Pies look yummy.

Enchanted Moments said...

Wow, that sure would have been one yummy looking stall!!!
I hope you sold absolutely everything...Suzanne