Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Buttons and no blobs

Husband and I had an unplanned trip to Adelaide yesterday. He had a list of jobs and things to buy and so did I. He got most things done but I didn't so I think I need a trip by myself one day soon. It is a 2 1/2 hour drive there and then back again - so it is always an all day affair for us.
I did get to Spotlight though for some supplies and fell in love with these buttons. They might not be mother of pearl but I love their colours.
And then there were these ones, the red buttons are large but gorgeous, the wooden ones were the most expensive and the cream patterned ones were made in Italy! Can't believe they had something like that in Spotlight. I'm teaching a button jewellery class soon at our church Craft group so I think some of these will come in handy.
It is the school concert tonight and we have to take plates of supper for afterwards. I had to take a photo of my plate of biscuits to prove that I can pipe chocolate without blobs!! Do you know this yummy and quick recipe? Butternut snap biscuits, topped with some of the caramel Top'n'fill, whipped cream and decorated with melted chocolate. Best to make it a few hours before you are eating them, to let the biscuits go a little soft. Michelle introduced me to this yummy recipe.
Marion made this gorgeous white chocolate mud cake on Friday before she left for holidays. An engagement cake - obviously for Jessica and Tom! They wanted silver fondant hearts and lettering. White chocolate shards surround the cake plus silver organza ribbon.
Something I wish for is that I could draw and paint reasonably well. So why is it when I am using a scrap piece of paper that I don't do so bad?????? but when I take a fresh piece of artist's paper or something similar then I stuff!!
Remember if you would like to enter the giveaway, just drop us an email or leave a comment - I'm off to get the troops ready for the concert!


Erica said...

Oooh I'm off to spotlight this morning...must put "buttons" on my list of goodies to look for. Were there just in the button section (of course)?
So does it helf if you have more than one entry in for the freebies???? LOL...hey it was worth a try.
Hugs Erica

Anonymous said...

Your biccies look great Christina and i bet they all to see you CAN pipe fine lines of choccy, even though your Pavlova roll looked
I hadn't seen the biscuits done like this before, so i must give it a try.
And i agree with you, it si a scary thought it was a mask too..
luv Ann.xx