Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Day for the Birds

I received a gift from a dear friend today -
she had made a cardinal bird
and had also chosen the most beautiful card for me
"Child with a Dove" painted by Picasso. Thankyou Leanne! In order to see birds, it is necessary
to become part of the silence.
(Roger Tory Peterson)

I love being quiet and restful, do you?


Nitima said...

Quite entertaining

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Miss Muggins said...

It's so funny, I love the imagery of birds and birds as part of nature but am quite terrified of them in reality(except for sparrows and willywagtails)I find the thought of them in my hair, or pecking me, or pooping on me anything but serene!

ps. I was born in 1970, how about you?