Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fun Day

New items for The Chocolate Crow Trader's Halloween theme - the new page will be up on 15th September but today we had to email our photos and descriptions to "The Boss"! Don't you love the fabric in the witches dress. I had seen a doll on ebay with a dress using this fabric and fortunately I was able to find some in USA. It is almost a toile look. Just gorgeous. The needlefelted pumpkins look great and would make a great pincushion as well as being ornamental. I love the ones with the longer stems.
$38 for crop of 5 pumpkins plus postage
Seeing it was Father's Day we all went for a walk on a local beach - of course Spike came too. He ran and ran with his little legs and when we came home, he badly needed a bath. It took 8 hands to bath him - our 2 boys and our 2 nieces - but he just sat there and let them at it!!
At the moment he is 'zonked' in his bed - all snuggly and clean.
We've had a great day, hope you have too.
(PS - Our emails haven't been working since Friday, so if you have emailed me and I have ignored you, I promise I will answer real soon)


Miss Muggins said...

Wow I love your witch! I'm sure she'd love to fly over to my place!

Anonymous said...

Love your witch Christina!!! She is jst waiting for a new home..maybe mine!!
luv Ann.xx

Bevlea said...

LOL... love the pic of spike getting a bath.. is that a KITTY LITTER TRAY???? LOL (nothing wrong with that.. just shows the size of him LOL)

your witch looks terrific Christina... makes me tempted to get out the sewing machine again! ... I have always wanted to make that naive cat that was birdwatching but never did...(now all the non clothies are wondering what IS she talking about LOL)

Rustic Tarts said...

Well yes it is a litter tray but it is one of those BIG! The baby bath had been put away too high for me to reach and he had outgrown the bucket that I first bathed him in!