Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I hope your father's all have a lovely day today too - this is a photo of my father and me back when his hair was all black and he could manage to fit me all on his lap! I don't think we will try for a renactment. We're off to church soon and then going to my parent's place for lunch - as we do most Sundays. Dad (or Pappy as we all call him) is part of the singing group at church and he is very entertaining especially when he forgets the words! Mum is cooking a lamb roast - don't all mums do the best roast? And I have made the caramel almond tarts (below) for dessert.
I made these last week for a function too, except I used cashews. The recipe is from one of the newer Australian Women's Weekly recipe books "Little Pies & Cakes". The recipe has that you make your own pastry which I did do, but I have discovered that I actually prefer shortcrust pastry, it doesn't compete with the nuts/caramel as much. It is the cinnamon cream that makes these absolutely delicious. In fact when I took the cream to the function last week some people thought it was a cinnamon mousse and were eating it by itself.
Easy to make - 300ml cream, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1 tb icing sugar - whip all together.
Strawberries would be lovely dipped in it as well .
I will be calling into Marion's place after lunch and collecting a couple of things - might show some sneak peaks later today.



Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

looks yummy...yeah my mom made the lamb roasts and the pork roasts. I used to help her put the garlic in the meat and that was the best part when it was all done and you got a roasted piece of garlic in your meat...thanks for the memories!:) check out our new site.
we just opened....;)

Miss Muggins said...

Yum. Your tarts look scrumptious - sure leave mine for dead! (I cheated and used caramel top and fill - sshh don't tell anyone) The sticky date pudding I made from scratch however! Funny thing though, hubby preferred the tarts.

Anonymous said...

Awww, such a sweet photo of you and your can still sit on his knee, perhaps just not craddled in his arms like
Hope you enjoyed your true, nothing like mum's cooking, but your tarts certainly looked good..
Glad you had a great day.
luv Ann.xx