Monday, September 29, 2008

The Last Monday in September

Nearly the end of September, hasn't the month gone quickly?? And today went pretty quickly too. I haven't got much to show for my day - some bookwork, washing clothes etc and yes I did have to finish the book I was reading. "Sugar Queen" is by the same author as "Garden Spells" which I had written about in an earlier post. A few unexpected turns in this book and just as enjoyable as Garden Spells. It's nice to know that my copy of "Garden Spells" is enjoying a trip around Australia.... I bought it at the Adelaide Airport, read it in Tasmania, then brought it home for Marion to read, then one of my sister-in-laws borrowed it. Now it is in Mackay, Queensland and then heading to Brisbane. If you are in Australia and reading this and would like to be on the list to read it, just let me know......LOL!!
I've finished 3 button bracelets for my button jewellery class that I am teaching in a few weeks. Just need to tidy up a few loose threads and add a clasp on the top one.


thejoyofnesting said...

Good Day Kiddo,

Just got home tonight. Thanks so much for the tag I think :c} :c} Will start to get caught up on things tomorrow then an afternoon at the beach, I think It was one long as* trip back:c{. Good to be home :c} Larry and I weren't at each others throats but our knees were getting a bit of nawing :c}

Pattie :c}
Mazatlan Mexico

Erica said...

Do you think that you might be passing Sugar Queen around Australia as well Christina...after everyone in your hometown has finished with it???