Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That......

Marion and I both bake for our local cafe. Marion makes lovely cakes, biscuits/cookies and quiches whilst I make the slices. Yesterday I received a phone call to say that they were needing their usual 3 slices. I make them in large portions and they cut them to the size they require.
A Caramel Nut slice, Lemon Ripe slice and a Cherry Ripe Slice - they all need their chocolate toppings still - white chocolate for the Lemon Ripe and dark chocolate for the other two. School holidays have started here so the boys are enjoying not getting dressed quite as early. N wanted to trick his Uncle Andrew who lives in Ohio, so here he is still in his pyjamas with the umbrella up - but in our covered pergola. Photo editing does a wonderful job!
And I have been tagged by Julie. Rules of tagging: I need to disclose 7 random things about myself and then nominate 7 others to tag!
1. I sat for my driver's learner permit and driver's test all on the same day - my 16th birthday - and passed.
2. I have just received my first speeding fine, 30 years later (now you know how old I am!)
3. When my husband told me before we were married that he owned a property in New Zealand I thought I was marrying someone rich - but no, it was a small one bedroom flat.
4. I like eating a lot of hot foods - cold - eg meat pies, lasagne etc - I think you can really taste the flavours better when they are cold.
5. I love winter
6. I like going to bed early and getting up early before anyone else so that I can have a cup of tea or coffee and check my emails in silence.
7. I don't talk much - but then with friends like M and K, I don't get much of a chance anyway!!
And the 7 people that I am going to tag are: Pattie, Amanda (while you are on Amanda's blog have a look at the fabulous apron that she made as a birthday gift - her embroidery is gorgeous),Miss Muggins, Chrissie, Monica, Kirsty, Nette/Michelle.
Hope you've had a lovely weekend.


Charmingdesigns said...

I came to visit you from Pattie's blog. Love your blog! Laurie

Chrissie said...

Christina, is there no end to your talents!! What fabulous looking slices. Thank you for tagging me but you know what - I am such a boring person, I would be hard pressed to find seven things of any interest to write about myself so will leave that to the 'more interesting' folk :)

Erica said...

Are you sharing the recipes for those lovely slices or are they a close guarded secret????
Hugs Erica

Monica said...

Thanks for tagging me Christina,sorry it took me so long to get back to you! The blog looks great BTW, I am really enjoying reading it. Oh and I got my google reader feed to work, yay!!