Monday, December 29, 2008

Marion's friends

Marion has learnt how to email me photos now, so here are a couple of the cats that rule her house.
This is Marion's cat - "Mr Bean', he is very carefully keeping the plant warm so that it grows really well.

And this is "Jack" - Marion's daughter's young Burmese cat - curled up on a plate (where else would a cat sit?)

And this is N - he helped put the cat's scratching pole together, for their Christmas present.


Chrissie said...

Don't cat's find the oddest places to curl up!! I hope that wasn't a cacti plant ;)

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh those kittys are just too precious!..our cats sleep in bowls and baskets..I love that they can climb on/in anything and get the gift you gave them..ours have a big one and they love to sleep in it..and it is well used...getting down to the wood,,but it is saving the furniture..have a happy new year..and make me a strawberry cone!..yum...;)