Monday, December 29, 2008

Who did it?

I gave husband one of these soft serve icecream machines for Christmas. It took us 3 goes on the first day to get it just right and now we have it down to a fine art. No. 2 cherub requested chocolate icecream tonight so I poured the mixture into the freezing bowl on top of the machine and watched it churn for awhile. Then went to the sink to wash a few things. Something caught my eye near the machine and I looked back to see the mixture flowing all over the bench. Some 'drongo' had left the dispensing handle in the open position and it was about to spill onto the floor as well!!! Who did it??????? Well?????????? Ummmm.........that would be me! Lesson learnt and it wont ever, happen again.
Sorry I didn't take a photo to share of the mess, I was kind of busy at the time.


Anonymous said...

Kyle is sooo jealous. Thats what he wanted for Christmas and I, being the no.
May have to invest in one for his birthday as Kyle is the icecream king around here.
Mill xx

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh that'd be what I would do!
The ice cream made in thast will be delish too....

The Joy of Nesting said...

OH MY GOSH Little Sis!!!

You must have been taking lessons from me :) Why only today there was a candle and wax and.... well I'm sure you know the rest ;)

Pattie :)
Mazatlan Mexico

PS Wait was that chocolate oooooh for a real chocolatetie chocolate icecream. Hmm what do you think ticket from Mx to Auz are these days?? :)

clare said...

Yes something I would do too .
Happy New Year .
Clare's Craftroom