Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Suffering produces endurance,
and endurance produces character,
and character produces hope"
I am involved in an "Inspiration Swap" where we are to make an item using a supplied, inspiring word. This time the word is endurance or endure. I like the sound of that word! At the Creative Soul Retreat I did one class with Stephanie Lee called The Chain Gang. We learnt to make bezels and also 3 different forms of chain. Unfortunately my bezel hasn't appeared since I got back from Melbourne but here is a pic of my chain. As you can see I really liked making the round ones with the 'globs' which you could either hammer flat or leave as globs!

On the last day of The Creative Soul Retreat I did DJ Pettit's collage class and I thoroughly enjoyed it and also the fact that I was sitting next to Lucy, with whom I hadn't had the chance to talk to. I think we chatted more than we worked at some stages - we discussed all sorts of things including France and our hopes of visiting there next year - and then after awhile she just disappeared into thin air! But I know she was one of the helpers in setting the retreat up so she would have been away doing things... and not the fact that I had bored her silly!!

I showed cherub #2 this pic that I made in DJ's class - (it is a different technique to what you may have seen on some of the Face Painting Classes). I haven't finished it yet as I can't get the lid off my Indian Ink and I want to decorate the base board a bit more. Cherub told me "Mum you should be really proud of yourself, it is good enough to go into The Louvre"!!!! I don't care if it isn't as good as it should be, the praise and admiration I got from him is enough for what age do they stop liking what their mother's make????


Debbi Baker said...

Oh how gorgeous!! (Your art and your cherub'ws comments!!) And to answer your question, my baby is 18 now and when I showed him my unfinished face painting (the other DJ face class)all he said was "the eyes are too far apart"! Crushingly honest (and accurate too!) But when he likes what I have made he is exceedingly generous in his praise. PS So glad I now know about your blog - it is lovely and you always seem to make me smile! PS Hope you find that bezel.

clare said...

I love your globs and the class sounds inspiring .
clares craftroom

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love both pieces..I want to learn that painting about a tutorial..I am getting into the mixed media stuff..and this would certainly help me along...have a wonderful week!!!>)

Amanda said...

Hi Christina, love the Collage. Looks like you learnt lots of great techniques. So are we going to see more jewellery items from you now?

The Joy of Nesting said...

Oye Christina,

The "globs" are shear character!! Oh they never really stop liking what you make. But there are a few years that public recognition goes into hibernation :)

Did it get there yet????? I can't wait, heck I'm never good at waiting. Hmmmm maybe by the weekend.

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Lucy said...

HI THere,
Sorry I disappeared on you during the class, just so much to do.
I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you, but, thought my talking was driving you crazy!
I can't wait to see your finished piece from the class.
Did you add those gorgeous gloves??
I love your face, just great!!
Hugs Lucy

Anonymous said...

Hi Christina, I love your necklace... it looks fantastic and came out really well... Have you worn it yet? I would love to see your bezel sometime??
xxxmargaret weiss