Monday, March 2, 2009

Well what would you do?

........when a friend turns up on your doorstep with a basket of warm freshly baked hot cross buns and needs you to taste them to see if they are 'passable'! As if anything that Marion makes wouldn't pass the taste test! Unfortunately for Marion, she isn't able to eat anything sweet without feeling ill so she relies on us and her family to be her tasters. I can just imagine the day that I step foot into a Weight Watchers meeting and they ask why do you need to lose weight and I can honestly say "It is all Marion's fault"! I have to report that they were delicious and you can't really judge by the photo but they were really big ones - about 4 inches high. My sister-in-law was pretty happy that she was here visiting at the time and of course my husband - you could just about see him drooling.

I've just finished this box and bunny - it's a long time since I used pink in anything.....


Kirsty said...

HUh humm ????!!! Wheres my invitation to the bun tasting!!!
PS Bunny turned out good....I haven't done anything creative i have been gardening!!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Mmmmm I need a Hot cross bun just like tyhat one....Yummo!
I could happily taste test for pretty much anything sweet no probs!
My creativity has been spent packing and clearing and tying things down.
No School again tmmorrow due to severe weather conditions.

Amanda said...

Hey hows your throwing arm do you recon you could lob one over the gulf. They look pretty good would even break the diet for one of those.

The Feathered Nest said...

I just love your bunny box Christina!! What is it about pink, we all love to return to it...and the hot cross bun? yummm, it looks divine! Hope you have a great week, xxoo, Dawn

Miss Muggins said...

mmmmm can almost tast it from here. Being skinny is not all it's cracked up to be. I would know- i used to be skinny a million years ago!

The Joy of Nesting said...

Hey Christina,

The bunny is adorable even with the pink ;) Must be something in the air. I even bought a piece of pink cotton at the fabric store yesterday. In a weak moment I though it would be great as a skirt with a brown apron over it. Ha that remains to be seen. I don't own anything pink now, but I guess there is always a chance:)

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Tell Marion, that I would gladly taste test her stuff as well....overnight delivery works for

Appleberry Farm said...

Hmmmm having sampled the delicates of Marions kitchen I can only assume that they were obscenely devine!!!