Saturday, March 7, 2009

Where did the week go?

It's not very good that I have only blogged once this week and now it's the weekend.

It has been a busy week though filled with power blackouts, visit to Adelaide for dentist appointments, a clothing and lingerie party and Sports Day yesterday.

You know that it is going to be an interesting Sports Day when cherub no. 2 announces in the morning "I don't feel like winning any events today, so I'm not going to try!" He probably wouldn't have won anyway, even if he did try but watching him 'running' in the sprints and relays was a bit painful - it was barely over walking pace. And if I was one of his team members in the relays, I would have cheerfully 'bopped' him for not running.........

Considering all of that, we all had a nice day and cherub no. 1 received 2 x fourth places - sprints and discus, so he was happy to receive ribbons for those events.
As you can see from the photos we have finished our items for The Chocolate Crow Trader (a previous post shows the two other items). Now I can clear off my table and start on my "Inspiration" swap that I am doing with a few other girls.....the theme is "Endurance or Endure"


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Sounds like a boy with a fair bit o spunk I reckon...
Don't want to win so won't try!!
My hubby once after i had a baby did'nt even add water to the vases of flowers he took home whilst I was in hospital...
On questtioning he said
'they'll die anyway"
After explaining
'well why feed the dog,It'll dier anyway"
He soon got it!
Ahhh Men and boys!!!

Your easter crafting looks perfect!

Miss Muggins said...

Love your new creations, girls.