Thursday, April 30, 2009

Circles everywhere

(graphic from
There seems to be a bit of a bias towards circles in today's post.
This was some weaving that the cherubs started during their
holidays - very simple but so effective.
I have been busy crocheting circles and they are waiting expectantly
to be all joined together in harmony!!!Another circle : a cake - this is the filling before it was topped with more mixture and then baked. I hope the jersey caramels have melted and are all goey. And the cake is for .........
Kirsty.......she will be here late tomorrow for cake, so I will let you know if the recipe is worth sharing with you or not. This photo was taken at the retreat on the last morning, before classes had started - what dedication! I thought her husband might be interested in seeing this photo just to prove that she did work sometimes.
Happy Birthday Kirsty!


clare's craftroom said...

I love jersey caramels !

Kirsty said...

Thanks Christina!! Just about to leave...looking forward to that cake!!!