Monday, June 1, 2009

The Scene Was Set

After yet another trip to Adelaide on Friday to the accountant (all finished now, though) we were ready to have a quiet night. The cherubs had been invited for a sleepover,
husband had bought some new cheeses and crackers to try...............I had the choice between these 2 men to keep me company for the night
and I had some new pyjamas to snuggle into.
You know, don't you that it all went 'upside down'! Cherub 2 came home before teatime, the cheeses didn't taste as nice as we expected....thank goodness we bought 2 packets of them!! I ended up having a 'sleepover' with Cherub 2 so that he didn't feel too upset about not sticking out the sleepover at his friend's place and I didn't even get to choose between the 2 men. Just finished knitting a strip of yellow for Grrl, if you have checked out my previous link to her blog, you would see it is to decorate a public convenience - so how appropriate is it that I found this yarn that looks like strips of toilet paper woven into it???


Miss Muggins said...

Those best laid plans... sigh

Mogs Designs said...

Poor Darling, So many men to choose from and you missed out completely! Some daze...... are best forgotten.
You know I'm never going to look at wool the same way again.
M xx

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh I was in the moment for a minute...
Movies cheeses and no kids!
Ugh! And then all goes Pear!
That regularly is so in our life with three lil Punks to ruffle the feathers.
What a great Mumma you are to have a 'SLEEPOVER"....Too cute!

Millie said...

Oh major bummer Christina! Never mind, at least you were saved from the dreadful dilemma of choosing between Daniel & Hugh. Sometimes being a Mum just comes before all else doesn't it.
Millie ^_^

simplestitches said...

Sounds just like my plans when I make them...gone in a flash!

Where did you find that wool? It's very interesting to say the least.

Maybe those plans can be resurrected sometime in the future?


Anonymous said...

sounds like your special night in went down the toilet..he he....


couldn't help myself.

Yep know those nights..
the best bit is the pajamas, I reckon..