Sunday, November 8, 2009


We have been planning our "holiday of a lifetime" for next year, and have just made the final flight confirmations.... Next year is a big one for us, with special events and we thought before cherub 1 gets another year older and we have to pay adult fare for him, we would 'bite the bullet' and 'head for the hills'.

Paris is part of our itinery and we are planning on spending 6 days there. I have been searching for the 'perfect' place to stay. We have already decided that we need to stay somewhere in the centre of Paris - and of course I have this vision that we need somewhere with a balcony & probably a cable TV (so that husband and I can sit outside with the cherubs being happy inside watching TV). I have found so many places that fit my requirements but why are they all over $2000 per week?

I've decided that here in Australia, we are very spoilt with the size of our residences and can't get over that a lot of the apartments that we have been looking at are 30 square feet or less! I'm sure the hotel room that we stayed in recently, in Sydney, was bigger than that!

Anyone want to join us in Paris and share our accommodation????? lol


clare's craftroom said...

Oh wow your trip of a lifetime , good for you !

Lucy said...

Hi Christina,
I went to Paris in 2008 & all the apartments are small.
We stayed in a boutique hotel, a 2 minutes from the Louvre, with amazing shopping all round us.
I know you & your family will have an amazing time in Europe.
Hugs Lucy

Kirsty said...

I saw on a blog the other day a girl living in a 26 square feet apartment in France!!! She had it very well done with spot for the bed,lounge and dining table.....not sure I could live there though!!

Anonymous said...
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Robby said...

I will visit you in Paris!!!! My friend has just been and stayed in a hotel....I will find out and ring you about it. xxxRobby