Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I spent some time on the weekend baking macarons (after my class in Paris) - it took a while to get the oven temperature and timing just right but now I am happy with the results. The dark purple and pistachio ones were a bit undercooked and lavender ones a bit lumpy, whilst the other 3 batches were pretty good.

Even when you don't get them looking just perfect they still taste lovely.

The pink ones were filled with a strawberry champagne buttercream, the mauve and purple ones with lemon butter, the brown ones with salted caramel and the teal ones with a honey and maple syrup caramel with bacon.

I did another batch of the pistachio green macarons, trying to keep my piping size even. There were a few 'oops' - es. This batch turned out perfectly and they were filled with mint chocolate ganache.

Important thing to remember is that when using food colours to watch where else it can spread to.......this is partially cooked chicken with some blue spots!
And there was also the case of husband's white shirt......yes I was doing the washing in between baking!


clare's craftroom said...

What great colours , even in the chook !

clare's craftroom said...

What great colours , even in the chook !

Margaret Weiss said...

OMG.... how many did you make Christina? They look amazing, well done and such even sizes. Are you going to eat them all? xxmargaret.

Pam said...

Your macaroons look divine Christina! I've been seeing them so much all over the internet recently, that I'll have to find some to buy and taste test them!
The colours of yours are gorgeous. Clever you. x

Anonymous said...


glossy and



Andrew said...

Where's mine?? None for your favourite brother... woe is me........sob,sob

Mogs Designs said...

Wow they look great and I'm sure they taste yummmmmmmmmm
Hope Iain's shirt will survive!

The Joy of Nesting said...

Holy Macaroonies Batgirl!!

You look like you have turned your kitchen into a macaron factory!! :)

Hmmmm maybe you need to cut back on the tasks in your multitasking life style??? Just a thought. :)

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Miss Prudence said...

They look perfect to me! You are so clever imagine colouring chicken blue!

tipsSEO said...
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