Wednesday, June 23, 2010


1750 items sewn, knitted, crocheted and created by the craft group for the "Care-a-thon" this year. An amazing effort by the women. The charity group for this year is the Salvation Army and we all know the fabulous work that they do.

In 2009, there were 1148 items donated, so there was quite an increase this year. Hopefully these blankets and clothing will supply warmth to those who need it.

This is only a portion of what was given, a lot had already been packed in boxes ready to go.
"O Wise One" (my mother) knitted 83 jumpers this year so not too bad an effort from the olde girl.
My contribution ended up with 4 skirts, 8 caps and 1 scarf, I have a long way to go to catch up with some of the others.

And now a warning........... - this isn't from a passionate kiss!
Beware of travel mugs and steam burns - it hurts and looks so attractive!


simplestitches said...

wow, that is a massive effort, well done.
And O Wise One must knit very very fast! That is a wonderful one woman effort!
The steam burn looks nasty....hope it's better soon.

Mogs Designs said...

Congratulations, what a mighty effort

sue said...

Hooley dooley you west-coast gals know how to get a job done! Fan-blooming-tastic! What a great effort - 83 freakin' jumpers? That must be some kind of record! Hope your lip feels better soon and doesn't fall off! Must make eating and drinking a chore.