Monday, January 31, 2011

Whispers are calling me home..

The school holidays have finished and our cherubs are all back at school.

It is very quiet here today only the dog scratching his fleas and me.

A good day to sit in airconditioning and catch up with bookwork....

and feel sorry for the cherubs having to go to school on a day like this.

Back before Christmas you might remember I was in a postcard swap with the theme of Home - this is the postcard I received....a lovely, cooling watercolour. It is just beautiful and it is highlighted with a bit of stitchery here and there. I'm planning on framing it and putting it up somewhere.


Pam said...

Oh lucky you Christina. It's just so lovely! The naive simplicity and colours are perfect. x

grrl + dog said...

yep, staying close to the air con

is a very good option right now.

sue said...

It does have a cooling effect doesn't it? I have stayed so close to the air-con I fear it will ask me on a date ...!

grrl + dog said...

surviving the heat has been a trick!

Lots of sitting still either sewing or crocheting for me..

glad the seasons have changed.