Friday, April 1, 2011

Hello's been a long time

Maybe I need to re-introduce myself???

A host of issues has kept me from blogging, but now with the market season finished for us and not baking nearly every day, I hope to be back on a more regular basis.

My computer has been sick and out of action for a week and now has to go back to get a bit more memory added - wouldn't it be great if we could get extra memory added to our brains as needed? Unfortunately the file that I save all my photos has disappeared from the computer, so hopefully it might reappear after the next 'check-up'.....and now the cable to download photos from the camera has been misplaced....and what is a blog post without photos???????

Husband and I have also done a rushed trip to New Zealand last week. Friday evening we were advised that my father-in-law had died so on Sunday morning we were flying to Auckland - and then drove to his hometown on Monday morning. The funeral was Wednesday and I returned late Thursday night, with husband arriving back on Saturday night. There were lots of laughs & memories shared, and catching up with other family.

Now we are trying to catch up with our work and life this week, so that we can take take off again! This time we are headed to Victoria for my nephew's wedding in a fortnight's time....... another family celebration, of a different kind.

I have enjoyed taking part in another Postcard Swap - this time I gave to Sonya in USA. Whilst my photos are still unobtainable on the camera, you can check out her blog. It was the first time I had tried some 'burning fabric' & fusing techniques (other than the accidental kind!) So pleased she liked it.

Hope to have some photos to show soon.................


Amanda said...

Fantastic postcard. You have been very busy, sorry that some of it was the sad kind of busy. Have a lovely trip for the wedding.

sue said...

Lovely to see you back. Sorry about your Father-in-law. So hard when you are a long way away ... Can't wait for pics - send the boys on a cable finding mission!

Anonymous said...

nice to have you back -

none of that baking was bougatsa, was it??


Pam said...

Yes your Postcard is wonderful Christina! You did good! :) Seems you hit the spot with Sonya. Very clever.
Nice to see you back, not that I've been around much myself lately either. x