Monday, November 14, 2011

Market Season

The market season has begun again - although this year is a bit different as Marion has decided to take a 'gap' year ie she's having the year off!  We have just had our second market and I've started with the mindset that I won't bust my 'pfoofer valve' trying to produce as much by myself, as we did the two of us working together.  Which is all very good in the mind, but when you see your wares spread out over the tables, you realise that you don't want your stall to look understocked.

The first market was great - even with some rain - but the shoppers didn't go home, they sheltered under the stalls and then resumed shopping once it all dried up.
These photos were taken at the second market which was a bit quieter, as it wasn't a long weekend, but I was still happy with my sales.
Spinach & Feta pies, Scotch Eggs,  sticky date puddings, assorted macarons, mixed nut caramel slice, lemon meringue pies, rhubarb & raspberry cakes, blueberry friands, vanilla slice
Polka Dot cookies, pinwheel sausage rolls, chunky chicken pies, middle eastern lamb pies

Sticky Date & oat biscuits, custard cream biscuits, quince paste, olive oil infused with rosemary & garlic (not made by me) and lemon butter
The rosette flower brooches (and also the rosette hair clips which you can't see in the photo) have been 'good sellers' and I really enjoy making them.  It's one job I can do sitting down!


Amanda said...

Glad your market experience is better than mine have been. Love the rosettes too. Glad to see you back in blog land again

sue said...

Oh my goodness Christine - it all looks just divine - I want to gobble it up! Markets are hard work and they all come at once this time of year but it is great to meet your customers face to face isn't it? Good luck - and keep on baking! Haven't you figured out a way to bake sitting down yet ...?!