Sunday, May 27, 2012

Knock Knock...................

 I'm here


It's taking a little while trying to work out how to post again, properly!  Things have changed.

I made this bouquet a few weeks ago, using lovely bridal type fabrics and vintage rhinestone buttons and brooches.

Just to prove that I am still around!


Jodie said...

Just when you get the hang of something - they change it. It dements me.

Pam said...

Hello!! Nice to see you again Christina! :)
Beautiful bouquet indeed!
and yes, it's insane the way things change on you all the time hey?! ♥

Miss Muggins said...

You can come knocking at my door any time!

sue said...

Oh you ARE back. How wonderful! Lovely to see/hear from you. Pretty vintage boquet and love the pics. Tres chic!

Amanda said...

Howdy good to see you back again, lovely bouquet.