Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Maitland Market

On Saturday, Kirsty and I ventured to a nearby town to share a stall at their twice yearly market.  It was a freezing day, where it was no warmer inside the hall, compared to the outside.  

There appeared to be a lot of people willing to brave the elements and come shopping - or at least browsing!

Kirsty had bracelets that she was personalising (metal stamps) and prints of some of her paintings, whilst I had knitted hair wraps, beanies, pixiebelle hats, flowers and some food.

Kirsty's youngest daughter came to help us - and she had one of the pixiebelle hats to warm her up - she looks like she should be in the painting, doesn't she?

Another friend was next to us, selling the most beautifully made headbands for little girls, bibs, bows etc - it was her first market and she will be opening on Madeit, very soon.

One Pixiebelle hat didn't make it to the market, wonder where it is?


Pam said...

Brrr. Don't envy you sitting in the freezing cold doing a market Christina! All your goodies look great and the food looks very tasty! Are they your paintings or Kirsty's? They're really lovely too! Thanks for the huge chuckle with the last pic! :)))) x

Andrew A said...

That's the biggest ugliest elf I have ever
Gotchya Iain...haha

Melissa said...

Iain makes a very cute pixie!
Looks like a cold day, hope you sold loads

sue said...

Wow everything looks so bright and colourful. Hope you had a successful day. Have you warmed up yet?!