Friday, September 5, 2008

In 189 days time.....

I will be attending this event in Melbourne. It is pretty exciting and I wish it was sooner. I am looking forward to learning lots from the international instructors.
For quite some time now I have been envious of the girls in USA with all the wonderful art retreats, weekends etc that they have on offer - and even more so the girls that go to Tuscany or other lovely places. Sometimes when I see a new one on offer, I jump onto a website to see how much it would cost to fly there. It is always out of my reach.
But now I am going to have the chance - maybe not in France or Italy or USA but in Melbourne. I could always pretend that I was in another country!!!!
I have 2 classes lined up with DJ Pettit and a jewellery making one with Stephanie Lee. We have a few months (well 189 days to be exact) to find all our supplies and get organised. Kirsty is coming with me, and at this stage I think we are the only South Aussies attending. She is doing different classes to me so at night (we are staying at the venue) we will be able to compare notes on what we have learnt during the day.
How excitement!
(Thankyou Gina for explaining how to do hyperlinks - it worked!!!)


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

you are certainly welcome!:)have fun at your event...and then let us see all that you create...:)

Amanda said...

Wow Christina, that looks like fantastic fun. I have been reading Cloth Paper Scissors this afternoon and wishing that my sewing room table wasn't covered with a couple of birthday swaps and costumes for Lydia's class's concert item. Make sure you show us what you learn.

Lisa said...

Christina this looks like so much fun, no wonder you are excited. How on earth did you narrow the classes down? They all look great don't they.