Thursday, September 4, 2008

Something for a Friend

I had the privilege of recently making the cover for a Guest Book at a friend's wedding. I have never met this friend but we have been friends via an internet forum for a few years now. When Mill (Carmilla) announced that she was getting married I wanted to offer to make something for her but didn't know if my 'altered art/mixed media' techniques were up to scratch. After all marriage is pretty special and whatever I did would have to be something to add to the memories.

I was so happy when Mill emailed me to ask if I would make the cover for her book and so I was pleased to be able 'to play' and so it was my special gift to her and her handsome husband!

The cover was made from an old cutter quilt that I had bought from America - appropriately a Wedding Ring Quilt and I wanted to incorporate other elements that would signify the 'specialness' of their wedding.
A page from a small calendar was circled in red to mark the wedding day - August 16 and all the buttons stitched on were to signify the blessings that I hoped that they would be, and would receive as a married couple. A picture of the cake topper that they were having, an old fork (I just love old cutlery), some paper flowers etc were all added.

The photos of them as children were given to me by Mill so Mill's photo had a veil & flowers added to it whilst Kyle's had a photo of the actual suit that he would be wearing for the wedding (Mill had shown us a photo of him trying out his suit prior to the wedding so I 'stole it' and added it to the photo)

The back cover included a couple of photos of the church that they were getting married in, some vintage photos of children dressed up as brides and grooms, vintage lace, vintage measuring tape & beads, etc. I used lots of machine stitching to accent the pieces.....Oh and there was even a drop of my blood! Yes I pricked myself on a needle but covered it with a lace!

I loved making and personalising this to become a special gift.

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Chrissie said...

You made a lovely job of the album covers Christina. Very creative and I am sure your friend would just love it.