Friday, July 5, 2013


So I am not going to say anything about how long it is since I last did a post, nor am I going to mention how far into this year, we are already.

Things happen, things change.

Here are a few photos from the past year:

We ended up visiting Iain's home town Ohope, in NZ, 4 times in the last 12 months.  First time was with the boys as Iain's mum was in hospital.  
About 6 weeks later Iain and I went back this time for his mother's funeral.
                                                         In February we went back again, Iain went a bit earlier than me to sort through some things  and of course found some 'old treasures'!

 The main reason was to attend our niece's wedding - the weather was perfect for the garden wedding and it was a lovely day and also a lovely reason to be in NZ
 In April we went back AGAIN, for 2 weeks.  This time we took my brother Stephen and his family and we did the 'tourist' things that we never get time to do.
And Nicholas - went bungy jumping!!  He's 12!         

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Thursday, June 28, 2012

How not to dress on a cold day

The kilt and all the regalia, has arrived.  Now we  just have to wait for Lord Lyon to do something to Iain, before he officially becomes the Chieftain of the McQueen clan!  It sounds  as if it will be a drawn out process, as there has to be some family history investigating, especially as there is now a contender for the title who lives in Scotland.
Possibly some DNA testing involved too, I must let someone know that I am happy to fly to Scotland with a hair from Iain's head, so that it can be tested!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Maitland Market

On Saturday, Kirsty and I ventured to a nearby town to share a stall at their twice yearly market.  It was a freezing day, where it was no warmer inside the hall, compared to the outside.  

There appeared to be a lot of people willing to brave the elements and come shopping - or at least browsing!

Kirsty had bracelets that she was personalising (metal stamps) and prints of some of her paintings, whilst I had knitted hair wraps, beanies, pixiebelle hats, flowers and some food.

Kirsty's youngest daughter came to help us - and she had one of the pixiebelle hats to warm her up - she looks like she should be in the painting, doesn't she?

Another friend was next to us, selling the most beautifully made headbands for little girls, bibs, bows etc - it was her first market and she will be opening on Madeit, very soon.

One Pixiebelle hat didn't make it to the market, wonder where it is?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Knock Knock...................

 I'm here


It's taking a little while trying to work out how to post again, properly!  Things have changed.

I made this bouquet a few weeks ago, using lovely bridal type fabrics and vintage rhinestone buttons and brooches.

Just to prove that I am still around!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Market Season

The market season has begun again - although this year is a bit different as Marion has decided to take a 'gap' year ie she's having the year off!  We have just had our second market and I've started with the mindset that I won't bust my 'pfoofer valve' trying to produce as much by myself, as we did the two of us working together.  Which is all very good in the mind, but when you see your wares spread out over the tables, you realise that you don't want your stall to look understocked.

The first market was great - even with some rain - but the shoppers didn't go home, they sheltered under the stalls and then resumed shopping once it all dried up.
These photos were taken at the second market which was a bit quieter, as it wasn't a long weekend, but I was still happy with my sales.
Spinach & Feta pies, Scotch Eggs,  sticky date puddings, assorted macarons, mixed nut caramel slice, lemon meringue pies, rhubarb & raspberry cakes, blueberry friands, vanilla slice
Polka Dot cookies, pinwheel sausage rolls, chunky chicken pies, middle eastern lamb pies

Sticky Date & oat biscuits, custard cream biscuits, quince paste, olive oil infused with rosemary & garlic (not made by me) and lemon butter
The rosette flower brooches (and also the rosette hair clips which you can't see in the photo) have been 'good sellers' and I really enjoy making them.  It's one job I can do sitting down!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Art, food and friends

It was a tough assignment but someone had to do it.  Last weekend we headed off to the Barossa Valley with the intentions of seeing great art at some of the SALA exhibitions and also having some wonderful food.  The friends part was easy - they were all very willing accomplices.

The SALA exhibitions we visited on Sat afternoon, were a little disappointing - just not our 'thing' but we did enjoy this one.
All made from corrugated iron and metally bits - how smart.

And then on Sunday morning we headed off bright and early to see the exhibition that we really wanted to see. Thankfully it was all that we had expected and more +++
Sue rescues unwanted bits and pieces that have seen better days and with skill like a plastic surgeon, she rebirths them into unique pieces of jewellery.
I still can't decide what was my favourite piece.
The babushka looking necklaces and earrings were once the pull-tops from the tops of cans.
Of course its the kind of thing I notice and think about when I'm opening cans!

She can even produce some arty prints - wonder if there is anything she can't do?

Marion fell in love with this one.
I really liked the necklace on the left - made from pieces of china. 
I've been spotted since eyeing off the china in my mother's cupboard!